As is the case with our country, health problems of children in countries with high population figures of adolescents and children are attached significant importance in all phases of the healthcare system. Efforts on protecting health and treating diseases of children are among most important tools to improve family and resultantly public health and develop the population. Pediatrics deals with a very wide range of diseases that are also subject to inter-group variations. It also plays a very important role in primary healthcare services. Moreover, a great range of means is available in universities to identify and investigate more complex problems, such as genetic and metabolic diseases.

Department of Pediatrics adopts multidisciplinary approach through branching into general pediatrics, newborn unit and pediatric cardiology. The department offers pediatric healthcare and investigation services not only at Ankara Hospital, but also in Health Practice and Research Hospitals at other major cities, such as Istanbul, Adana, Konya and Alanya. In addition to primary healthcare services at outpatient settings, planned efforts are maintained to monitor quick advancements and continuous changes in medicine very closely, put such advancements and novelties into practice in line with the conditions of our country and make contributions to the global science.

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